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Controlled Environment Agriculture

When farming in outdoor environments, producers are limited by their environment. Soil type, water availability and sunlight are a few definitive factors when considering crop type.

Traditionally affected by the elements and resources available in the harsh Australian environment, agriculture has always been at the mercy of volatile conditions.

Moving indoors using Vertical Farming techniques, Vertical Patch looks to control the environment our crops are exposed too. Our techniques guarantee optimum plant growth, jam packing vitamins and flavours into every inch of our fresh veggies.

What is a Controlled Environment?

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is an advanced approach to primary production, by which technology facilitates optimal growing environments at all stages of a plants growth cycle. Environmental controls include;

  • Temperature

  • Lighting

  • Humidity

  • pH

  • CO2

  • Nutrients

  • Pests

Incorporating sensors and innovative software controls, Vertical Patch understands the nuances of an internal growing environment and the subtleties it develops in our plants flavours.

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